“Lauren Ari works with very old dictionary pages.  Selected words or images suggest characters or objects that Ari then draws in colorful tableaux. The drawings are whimsical, strange and engrossing studies of language, as well as definitions of a constructed reality. Often, they are accompanied by three­-dimensional  representations, making them a perfect complement (in a)collection of contemporary ceramics.”

Karin Breuer, Curator
Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts


Artist Statement

From a normal, respectful viewing distance, imagery that’s compelling on an archetypal level is already apparent in the dictionary pages. My subconscious mind recognizes the round indentations on the page edges and the justified columnar text as a dictionary even before my conscious mind grasps the realization. You are likely to be attracted first by the brightness and variation of colors from piece to piece, and second by the strange scenes depicted in the whimsical, strange, engrossing studies of language, learning, and the definitions of this reality.


Dictionary Pages  •  Animal Women  •  Beds  •  Illustration