On-going Classes

Art Camp For Adults

Most Thursday evenings, from 7-9 pm. at my Home Studio.
Please contact me for availability and more information.

I currently work and teach art in my community of Richmond, CA.


I am  a painting  instructor at NIAD Art Center, working with creative people that has disabilities.


I also teach at The Richmond Art Center to both children and adults along with special outreach art programs that include murals and clay work.


I am also an after school art teacher at my local schools and have taught many types of art media. I was part of arts change a local organization that brought art to the schools and  the local health center (where I helped to  create a show on mental wellness).


I feel very drawn  to share my love of art and art making–bringing art and making art with my community has been a major component to my art career and art life.



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